Procrast… never mind.

I’m in the middle of procrastination.
I’ve realized how well my 6 weeks of complete and utter disregard for my future have paid off.
Not that I am in any way surprised at the outcome of my lay-about habits.
My brains has definitely lost a few volumes of cell formation.
I’m trying to read my University material from a month ago and I’m so anxious and dumbed down that I’m
on the verge of hyperventilation.
I mean yeah, the high blood sugar does wonders for my otherwise half-assed vocabulary but other than that,
how well do you expect someone to cope with material she wasn’t able to comprehend beforehand?

The pulsing question is: what do I do now?
I can’t decipher what I copied from someone else after missing half a semester?!
So do I fake my understanding until an opportunity for me to ask someone who knows what the hell is up, presents itself?

Or should the question be:
What was I thinking repeating 3 year old mistakes?


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