Brave New World V.2

I have, self evidently, single handedly- reached an enlightenment many will fail to reach in their life time, let alone at 20. I’m not counting Berger or any other Visional Psychoanalytic of contemporary times (so fine, I haven’t reached this all by my own, because their words triggered me into anger, sadness and acceptance in a 2 hour interval).

“Maybe it isn’t what i put on my face, but what i put in my body”, i told myself in the mirror.
Still displeased with what I saw- I accepted, if only for a brief moment, the image reflecting back to me.
It is me but it is not, because it is different from me; all the same, I DO have the control over what I see.
This ability to make a distinction i possessed in infancy but has escaped me after puberty; maybe i never had it at all.

Nothing but pretty images of capitalistic control fresh from the oven of the one and only, bad and lonely Big Bad Brother Wolf. To make us fuck, to perfect ourselves, to hate ourselves and be vulnerable- to want to buy more more to achieve some implausible reality that can never ever BE US, ME, YOU. Everything else that is unaccepted in the eyes of the state gradually disappears (oh what ever happened to the Electric Car?), unless a conflict and upheaval resurfaces it and it is only then that something as ‘unpleasant’ as feminism rises to the surface and very gradually assimilates itself into society (but in very small subtexts).

I’ve rest my case, and my enlightenment i will keep for myself to ponder, i hope it will sink in and i will not degenerate to be normal in this insane, obsessed, sickly world!

sincere love and admiration,
Randomique Jester


One Response to “Brave New World V.2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m sure he’s sorry for what he did even though he didn’t show it. maybe he was just blinded by his own pride that you could not conceive when you said things out of fear, to try and secure him. Maybe you are wrong about him. Maybe instead of pulling him away from his life, you should have embarrassed what he had to offer you. Away from the filth, sadness and loneliness. Maybe he was offering you laughter, happiness. And your words, like a sharp dagger, rejected him, dug into him, ripped through him. Why did he deserve such words from someone he wanted to protect forever. Someone he imagined being with forever, no matter the consequences. But I guess you will never give him a chance even though he regrets all the things he has done. Maybe you can realize he is not perfect, such as yourself….

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