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Ah… it’s great to go out on a Friday night (for a change)
and enjoy a dinner and a movie without spending a dime!
Not a date.
Not even a friendly hang out.
Not even a good movie.
The Wicker Man, was… odd.
And we’ll leave it at that.

I came back to my “native” blog.
Not because all the warm-hearted fans and probably not because
it took me quite a while to design it.
Most likely because it is a written testimony of the changes I’ve been through since grade 10.
And yet again, I find myself forcefully, unconsciously drawn to it, obsessively concerned about
my popularity and shamefully checking my grammar.
I turn to this one, because English comes easier.
It’s the language I write my thoughts in > always have, even before I came here.
And because, ha, no one reads it.
-It’s almost amazing that something so private was lost in the massive universe of the Internet.
And I really don’t mind, pretending some one takes an interest in what I write.
Even though I clearly know, no one does.

Well, so CJ paid for my. CJ’s clearly not over me. Even though, CJ yaps about Layla (the dream girl) and how fine she is. There might be nothing to it than my suspicious, egocentric perception
– and the fact that CJ owes me money.
Which reminds me…. of other people who owe me money.
I might give them the usual, Italian Mafia-style knock on the door with a Christmas smile
and a polite implication to pay-up while clutching their trembling throats.

Ah there it is! I could not have used “a Christmas smile” in my other Blog.
Because people get very pissy about me writing in English.
In-ga-lish is a-hard….!

Isn’t it like a multinational language that every bloody country is supposed to be at least familiar with?
–> Which is a big conspiracy, in my view, plotted by American tourists so they could
go to any country and ask directions for McDonald’s.
Then again, I’ve been to Nierenberg and the shoe store clerk couldn’t fathom the meaning of
“What’s the PRICE?!” (with obscene gestures towards the leather army boot I was holding).
Fuck, who knows? Maybe German are like the French: know English perfectly fine but loath to
use it on useless Englishmen.
The case is of course very different if it’s an Englishwoman and “her eyes arrre as lovely as the Seine”.
French- smart people.

Oh, yes, we’re opening up. Making some jokes, testing new theories on the (non-present) public.
It’s alllllllll goooood.

I have a dilemma though (about how to spell “dilemma”).
Should I let my best friend on my secret web-diary
or should I just keep it to myself?
I want her to be proud of my witty writing, since she’s my prime/sole supporter…
But… then again, she knows how witty I am -due to an unfortunate acquaintance with moi for 10 years 😀
and well, for once, I don’t wanna brag
I don’t want to be recognized or rewarded for my writing
I don’t need constant compliments and encouragement
(I do… but… it’s time to get over it!)
I just want to… WRITE!
Should I?

I donno.

The Wicker man was… odd.
Not even good odd.
At first, it was good odd. I like odd movies (I like odd everything. I even like the word odd!
but I won’t go as far as calling myself odd… [unworthy!])
but after a while, the tale didn’t seem to… untangle… and it… continued to be odd…
so, I was like, dude, this is like over the boarders of odd, it should like… I don’t know… like, stop.
*I don’t talk like that*
And at the end, guess what, it got odder. And then it blew up in my face and the end was predictable and stupid. And odd, I might add.
or not odd… is that a paradox? predictable and odd?
Anywho, you wouldn’t know, cause you haven’t seen it…!

well, tootles, invisible little men (and women)!

the troll must die!

The Girl.